Why You Want to Bike Across the Golden Gate Bridge

The view from San Francisco’s most famous landmark is spectacular. But, from a car window, you can only see so much. The best way by far to appreciate the breathtaking view is by taking an electric bike across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Our electric bike tour of the Golden Gate Bridge begins in the heart of San Francisco, one of the west coast’s most historical cities and diverse amalgamations of unique neighborhoods. Throughout the tour, you’ll gain an intimate understanding of the city’s storied past and a family-friendly trip to remember, all while having an unforgettable day outdoors in The Golden State. No need to worry about the hills, either: our electric bikes, with their pedal-assist motors, glide up, down, over, and across any degree of elevation.

Our Golden Gate Bridge Tour, from Start to Finish

Riders begin their journey at Fisherman’s Wharf, in the historical waterfront-district of San Francisco. From there, you’ll travel up Fort Mason Hill, one of the more dramatically steep hills in the area (don’t worry, your e-Bike will do all the heavy lifting) to and through the wealthy and scenic Marina neighbiorhood. You’ll stop by the Palace of the Fine Arts, a renaissance-inspired monument and former children’s science museum that’s used today as a school. The palace was built for the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition, an almost-forgotten international fair that was held to celebrate the opening of the Panama Canal.

Did you know that George Lucas’s company, Lucasfilms, now has its home in what was a former military base? You’ll learn more about this as our e-Bike tour continues through the former Presidio military base, also home to other exciting businesses. The former base’s architecture and area serve as a playground for runners, bikers, hikers, indoor rock climbers, and even surfers who surf the break under the adjacent Golden Gate Bridge at Fort Point.

It’s at this point in our tour where we begin to safely cross the Golden Gate Bridge and experience the beautiful coastal views the bridge has to offer. Unless you’ve been on the Golden Gate Bridge before, you’ve never experienced anything quite like it. Your easy-to-use electric bike will make this experience even greater, allowing you time to stop and enjoy the sights. You’ll cross the bridge and dip into Marin County and glide down a thrilling hill to Fort Baker, another former military base, where you’ll experience new bridge and city views. Our tour then moves to the city of Sausalito and ends with a boat ride across the bay, back to San Francisco.

San Francisco landmarks on our Golden Gate Bridge tour

Throughout our electric bike tour of the Golden Gate Bridge, we’ll stop by many of San Francisco’s most memorable and historic areas. Separate from our designated stops, the following is just a few of the extra sites you’ll be able to see on our tour:

  • Coit Tower in North Beach: This tower memorializes the firefighters who fought and defeated the fires that ensued after the infamous California earthquake of 1908.
  • Angel Island: What is now a park, used to serve as San Francisco’s naturalization center, dating back to the Civil War.
  • The Bay Bridge: A beautiful feat of engineering that connects San Francisco and Oakland and briefly touches the Yerba Buena Island.
  • Alcatraz: Finally, we’ll stop by this notorious island prison and home to the oldest lighthouse on the west coast.


Our Electric Bike Technology

If you’ve never ridden an electric bike before, you’re in for a memorable experience.

“E-Bikes are already reshaping transportation systems and the built environment for the better,” says Greg Siebert of E-Bike Tours of America. “In San Francisco, the new availability of e-bikes, through rentals and bike-share systems, are attracting users that previously would not have considered biking as a real transportation option in the city, including both regular commuters and visiting tourists.”

Not only does electric bike technology make cycling more enjoyable and less strenuous, but it’s also safe for the environment and encourages users to drive less.

“Because San Francisco is seeing more and more people outside on e-Bikes,” says Greg, “more bike infrastructure is being tested and added, even to neighborhoods previously thought of as inaccessible to bikes, like our biggest hills. More pedal and electric-powered bikes mean fewer fossil-fueled cars and safer air for residents and visitors alike.”

And, aside from the practicality of electric bikes, they’re just plain fun to use. “The pure, unadulterated joy of being outside and able to fly up any hill that San Francisco or Marin throws in your path” is a significant highlight of electric bike use. “Chances are high that you’ll leave ready to buy your own e-bike back home!”

Ready to see the Golden Gate Bridge for yourself? Book your tour now and leave San Francisco with an experience you’ll never forget.

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